"White" Mixed Glitter sheet
"White" Mixed Glitter sheet
"White" Mixed Glitter sheet
"White" Mixed Glitter sheet
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"White" Mixed Glitter Sheet

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  • Each sheet is approximately 7.5" x 13" and 0.8mm thick.
  • Single sided white/clear glitter with an exposed canvas-like back. 
  • Mixed Glitter sheets may contain up to three different sizes of glitter (fine, standard, chunky). 
  • There will be a few pieces of colored glitter mixed in with these sheets.  
  • Photos are shown under two different styles of lighting to show how sheet will appear under different lighting.

Crafts to try: Bows, bow ties, earrings, quarter keepers, lip balm holders, snap clips, and more. 

Other notes: Backings may have glue spots, loose glitter, and/or other markings. Due to the production process, there may be random pieces of other color glitter mixed in. Colors may vary slightly as all computer, phone and tablet monitors display color differently. No two sheets are the same.

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