Day 11: Sushi Themed Craft Idea -

Day 11: Sushi Themed Craft Idea

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Going out for sushi? Not without these earrings! We used the following sheets to make these items:

"Sushi" Original Faux Leather sheet:

"Black" Mixed Glitter sheet:

"Green" Fine Glitter sheet:

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We know what you're thinking..."WhY dOeS iT sAy A mIlLiOn DoLlArS??!!" The answer is we couldn't figure out how to make a non-buyable item. We were originally going to "price" this idea at $0.00, but we figured at some point, someone is going to add this to their cart expecting to receive an actual item, like, for free. So...we priced our craft idea at $1,000,000 instead. However, if you were to send us a million bucks, we would absolutely ship you something ;-)

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