"Bookworm" Bow & Earrings

These items were created with the following materials that can be purchased right here at CraftyTrain.com:

"Bookworm" Textured Faux Leather sheet: https://craftytrain.com/products/bookworm-textured-faux-leather-sheet

"Red" Fine Glitter sheet: https://craftytrain.com/collections/fine-glitter/products/red-fine-glitter-sheet

"Green" Fine Glitter sheet: https://craftytrain.com/collections/fine-glitter/products/green-fine-glitter-sheet

"Red" Mixed Glitter sheet:

"Green" Mixed Glitter sheet: https://craftytrain.com/collections/mixed-glitter/products/green-mixed-glitter-sheet

Feel free to share our pictures or use them for inspiration, but please do cite CraftyTrain.com in any publications.

"Bookworm" Bow & EarringsPatchwork - "Bookworm" Bow & EarringsApplique - "Bookworm" Bow & EarringsTrademark - "Bookworm" Bow & Earrings

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